Darkening Thoughts of Nevia Lexi
2001-09-06 05:45:04 (UTC)

Fucked up

Dear Kelly,

I was bored. What did I do? I surfed online. Looked up some
sites. And I clicked to a link to a page. And I was
intrigued by " kitten video" thingie
written on that page.

Stileproject was a new site for me. And the quote I got
from the page was this - "if you haven't heard yet, stile
is in trouble after posting a video of a kitten being
killed and stir fried. peta is planning on suing them under
an animal cruelty statute... " from ( ).

So I clicked on the link.... to here ( ) or to directly to the page
itself ( ).

Quote from it...

"The Video: This is quite possible the single most
offensive thing I have ever seen. Click here to watch. If
you can't play Windows Media files, click here for the MPG

So by now you have probably seen the video of a Korean man
killing, cooking and eating a kitten. A reader e-mailed it
to me saying that a friend brought it back with him from
Korea where it is not uncommon for poorer people to eat
dogs and cats. To us it seems like the ultimate taboo."

I downloaded the video and I can say I was sick. The kitty
was really being cut slowly and alive at that time being. I
got sick within seconds and I can't bear to watch it ...
The poor kitty.

I will rather be a vegiterian than eat that kitten. It's a
scary thought if people take your cats or dogs to become
their food. Luckily, Shortie is alive and well.

Signing off...