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2001-09-06 05:17:21 (UTC)


All hope for romance in my life is not lost after
all! I am, I honestly believe, over the Moronic Marvel
(Brian) at the moment and I am completely in a euphoric
state of like with...Jason. I've been ooh-ing and aah-ing
like an idiotic teeny-bopper Backstreet Boy fan over him
all night at work. Damn estrogen, heh.
Okay, here's the story, in case anyone actually reads
this: Susan, with whom I work at White Trash Wonderland,
and I have become quite good friends. She's my work mom,
so to speak. She's my mother's age, and her husband
graduated with my mom, actually. Anyway, she's the type
that loves to talk about her children. Jason's the oldest,
less than a month younger than the Moronic Marvel, actually
(both will be 20 this Autumn). Jason and I had met,
briefly, a few times before when he'd come to see Susan
about something at work. After a time, he got job at the
same company where his mom and I work. I never spoke to
him, though. He had a girlfriend, anyway, and by that time
I was seriously involved with the MM. But I still thought
he was cute. After MM and I broke up, I was devastated and
depressed the entire summer (I know I've alluded to this in
previous entries, but I don't believe I'll ever really dish
all the details. I just don't want to go through the
hassle of rehashing everything. Maybe sometime, though, if
I'm feeling up to it). But a week and a half ago, Susan
asked me to come to her house on a day that we both had off
for a get-together with people from her youth group. By
the way, Susan is very active in her church. I didn't mind
this because the kids would be around my age, and I really
need to meet new people. I'm sick of being practically
married to my job, and most of my peers in my acquaintance
are either snobs, pillheads, or both. She also said that
Jason had broken up with his girlfriend. Being completely
oblivious to any ulterior motives, I just listened politely.
Of course, I agreed to go. It sounded like a lot of
fun, actually. Well, last night, I went to her house, and
lo and behold, it was just Susan, her husband, her middle
son and his girlfriend, and her youngest boy, age 11. And
Jason, of course. Susan's godson's mother (if that makes
any sense) and her husband were supposed to be there as
well, but the husband was sick and they couldn't make it.
Now that I look back on this detail, I realize that this
was very convenient. But I don't mind. Not at all :)
It was a fun, wholesome night. I haven't had one of
those in a long time, and I felt welcome and like part of
the group, even though my dreadful shyness took over. We
had cake, lemonade, played board games (I kick ass in
Trivial Pursuit, by the way), and watched the US Open.
Jason and I disagreed about the wonder of Agassi, though.
In other words, he's a fan and I'm not. Oh, well. I don't
change my views like that to impress anyone. Susan kept
trying to engage the entire group in conversation (mostly
horror stories about our job at Wal-Mart). I opened up a
little more, and it was okay. I left at 10:30 that night.
I felt a little guilty, since I was still fancying myself
not completely over Brian. Mostly, though. About 95%. But
small talk with Jason and taking more than my fair share of
peeks at him when no one was looking kind of obliterated
that five percent of unsurity (or is it unsuredness?) about
the MM.
Here comes the good part, if in fact I haven't
completely put my audience (that is, if I indeed do have
one) to sleep. This evening at work, Lisa and I were
folding jeans. She asked me how everything had gone the
night before. I told her that I'd had fun. Then, all of a
sudden, she said, "Look, I'm going to burst if I don't
tell you. But you have got to SWEAR that you won't say
"Okay, sure." I replied.
"I told Susan that you think Jason's cute." (I had
told her this before. It was our little secret. Steph
thinks he's cute, too.)
"Lisa, you DIDN'T!"
"But, you don't know what Susan said! She
said, 'That's okay because he thinks she's pretty cute,
My reaction was to be completely bowled over. What is
it with me, plain old me, attracting two better-than-
average-looking (read: really cute) males in such a short
time span?
Lisa went on to tell me that the whole purpose of
inviting me was to play matchmaker, only subtlely. Lisa
informed me that Susan said that she isn't putting Jason up
to anything. If he wants to ask me out, then he'll have to
do it himself. Oh, I hope he will. He's so smart and
sarcastic, and he plays guitar. I am a sucker for
musicians. And he doesn't play the guitar like the "I Gave
My Love a Cherry" guy from "Animal House", either.
Please, oh, please, I hope I made a good impression on
him! And that he does in fact ask me out. If he doesn't
like me in a romantic way, he seems so cool that I'd love
to have him as a friend.
It's late, and I must be getting to bed. More on
Jason (details courtesy of his mother) tomorrow. I
promise. Until then, keep rockin' like Dokken just like