Static and Silence
2001-09-06 04:47:23 (UTC)


I am about to turn in for the night. You know, I really do
love really is a gift. Sometimes things really
suck...but do not let my complaining detract from the fact
that I do have a zeal for life that is beyond description.

I find the majesty in the simplest of things. The sound of
rain on my roof...the light breeze blowing across me as I
lay in my bed on cool Sunday morn...laying in the grass and
watching the clouds as they create fantastical
shapes....sitting beneath the stars and staring into the
heavens wondering if anyone is staring back....discovering
the secrets of the sea in a single dewdrop. I truly
believe life is a very precious gift. We must shed the
complexities and burdens we carry with us...artificial
problems created within our minds. We must embrace the
real...the ordinary...nature, love, but most

Our love is all we really have in the end. I love my
friends...I love my family...we come into the world naked
and screaming...and I do not want to leave the same way. I
am on a started 32 years ago....and I hope it
continues beyond the next 32 years. I wan't peace....I
want a sense of purpose. I want to make a difference in
this lifetime. I do not want to be a name carved into a
piece of granite....a name that will be too soon
forgotten. A piece of granite that will too soon be
overgrown with vines.

I want to live deliberately...with no regret. I want to
make life more than mere existence.

I am going to go sleep now. Sometimes I go to sleep to
escape....though I am tired, I crave dreams of what is yet
to come. I don't want to do that anymore. I want to live
in the present...not in the past. No looking
looking ahead. The future is now...not tomorrow. If I
wait for life, it will pass me by...and I will never be the
person I know I am.

Goodnight my friends. Sweetest of dreams to you all.