The Shadow of Myself
2001-09-06 04:39:41 (UTC)

it's the little things...

Today was a nice day. The weather was soooo perfect! It
wasn't humind, it wasn't hot, and it wasn't cold. The sky
was that perfect shade of blue.. the shade that only
happens on perfect days.. like today. Everytime I walked
outside I just had to acknowledge how great of a day that
it was. It was also nice b/c I only had class until 12,
then I had lunch, and took a nap. Naps are soo the best!
However.. when you have a cold.. sleeping is not as fun b/c
you can't breath and you're all coughing and stuff.. haha.

I have a job now.. I was gonna work in the theatre dept.
and that was gonna be a lot of fun and stuff.. but I don't
really know what happened there. So now I'm going to work
at Encore.. it's a dinning hall.. it's a pretty nice one.
The cool part is that you get paid a dollar more an hour,
you get tons of bonuses, and you get free food! So if you
don't use all of your meal plan then you get a check back.
That's great!

I also went to a Bible study for our corridor.. that was
held by Campus Crusade.. I enjoy it. I've gone both
times.. and I like all the girls that are doing it.
They're all really sweet.. and I just like that I can go to
a Bible study with my friends on the floor.. b/c it's nice
to know you have christian friends that close. God takes
such good care of me.. :)

Tomorrow.. this is so weird.. but in my drawing 2 class I'm
going to have to draw someone nude. Ok.. I've never been
exposed to that sort of thing.. and I'm thinking it's going
to be really weird.. and uncomfortable to just stare at
someone being naked and draw them.. b/c when I draw
things.. I have to stare at it for a long time to make sure
I'm really drawing what I see and not.. "what I think I
see." So needless to say I'm sorta not looking forward to
that one.. but umm.. I guess I'll get over it.. or I'll
have to or something.

On to other FUN news.. I have a crush. I enjoy crushes
when they are at this stage.. b/c they're so innocent.. and
it's just fun the feeling that you have. I could never
possibly succede in explaining that feeling.. b/c it's one
of those things. I actually don't think that you can fully
explain any feeling as you feel it.. but that is totally
another topic all itself.. haha. I'm excited about this
crush. I have no clue how it's going to work out.. I have
dreams of how I would like for it to work out.. based on
what I know so far about how things are.. but you never
know.. you seriously never know.. :) I'm going to see him
this weekend.. thats like.. 2 days from now. I might be
really excited.. but I'm just saying. He seems to be such
an awesome guy and I look forward to the opportunity of
getting to know him a lot better.. hopefully.. that'd be
nice. It's fun b/c I enjoy the little things he does.. I
mean.. some of them are really little.. but I guess I just
appreciate small gestures.. and really subtle expressions
of attraction.. or whatever you want to call it.

Well.. I sure have written enough tonight.. I didn't know I
had this much to say.. but thats ok. (that rhymed.. haha)
I'm gonna go to bed now..