I never wanted a desk job...
2003-01-03 20:47:26 (UTC)

Another Friday...

Well, another year down the drain.

New Year’s Eve wasn’t that exciting. I don’t have a lot of
friends in this damn town, and those I do have had to work
on New Year's Eve, so M invited some of his friends over to
the house. Didn’t really feel like going out and dealing
with crowds and cops, so we just hung out at home. It was
allright, but boring. Then I had New Year’s Day off at my
boring desk job, but I still had to work my catering job.
Some Amway distributor has their annual dinner on New
Year’s Day...it’s never fun. LOL one of my co-workers was
calling them “the cult” and got caught. He has such a loud
voice…too funny.

Now I’m stuck here for another two and a half hours and
then finally the weekend. I broke down today and turned on
my Launch station, so whatever little focus I had just
disappeared…I was never good at listening to music and
doing something else at the same time...yeah...Disturbed
just came on. ROCK!

This weekend, I don’t have anything planned as of yet. We
may go out tonight, but haven’t really been in the mood to
go out lately. There’s always cleaning to be done, and I
have a ton of paperwork to get filled out to get my
teaching certificate for MT so I can start applying to
other states...what fun.

Anyway, enough for today. Time to find some way to occupy
my time for a few more hours...yikes.