Hair Of The Dog
2001-09-06 03:22:33 (UTC)

Brooke the beauty...

Well so I phoned Brooke, the blonde model I met at
Discovery. I'm not exactly sure how she's taken everything,
I have a feeling that my friend Jacky may have assumed too
much when Brooke thought I was sexy. I told Brooke last
night I'd take her out when I get the chance. She was fine
with that, but there was something in her voice that kinda
made me think that perhaps she wasn't really after a guy in
the first place, and was just enjoying a casual perve at a
nightclub as most people do. I think my friend Jacky may
have been a little inebriated, sorry let me correct myself
there, I KNOW that Jacky was totally off her tits when she
hooked us up, and I have to take into account the fact
that she's looking at things through the eyes of a hot drunk
chick who is totally addicted to sex. I'm a bit more of a
sweety type, a bit more old-fashioned I guess. I enjoy
taking women out to dinner and buying them presents and shit
like that, it makes me feel good. Nowadays though it is the
guys who are the sweethearts and the chicks who are totally
horny... oh well...

LADIES if you have any comments on what I have just said
then please feel free to send me your thoughts... ciao...