Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-09-06 03:22:27 (UTC)

4 more days

i was convince to have a party, but suddenly dont want one,
i wonder why. four whole more days, can you just hear that

okay, well i started my moms gift, so far there are
btterflies and a ribbon barron type thing, and i dont know
if i want to write her name, inicials, or mom, what do all
who read think? that what one person? ohh yeah, and if
anyone can get me a really close up nice pic or a rose of
lilacs, that would be highly appreciated! okay well ta ta
for now!


ps gifts would be great, ha ha jk, i like cards! i love you
guys, and all i want is a nice little "happy b-day, i am
sorry your life sucks" type deal! ta ta