Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2003-01-03 18:50:09 (UTC)


Christ, it hasn't snowed at all during the holidays, and
with only two days to go until I have to go back to school,
it's snowing. I hate going to school when it's snowing. The
morons in the year below find it hilarious to throw
snowballs at people. Fuckers.
I like snow...when it's Christmas. I like the
morning. I like snow...when I'm walking through the woods.
I hate snow any other time, and I especially hate it when
it goes all slushy.

But hey, there's a whole TWO days before I go back, and
what can I do?? How will I spend them? I'll tell you how.
In bed. Asleep. Watching TV.

Except for Sunday, when of course I will spend HALF of the
day in bed, the rest of the day will be divided between
cleaning my room and doing the shitload of homework which
was supposed to be in last term, before the exams. ie. History.
Writing a piece on the coming to power of my favourite leader,
Hitler, which will be marked by the derogatory Meister G.