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2001-09-06 03:03:30 (UTC)


Fuel's "Hemoragge" is stuck in my head now. I'm slowly
getting over Ayr...One day at a time, one hour, one minute,
one second at a time. Sooner or later the pain will go
away. But, until it does, my confidence in this diary will
I had ballet today..I'm exausted now. I have no idea how I
can endure Monday's ballet, Tuesday's band, Wednesday's
ballet, Thursday's jazze, and Friday's games. I will drop
dead on Saturday, I swear. I think I'm gonna sleep in my
watch...I am WAY to attached to it.
Megan was saying she loves Craig today. I mean, she's only
LIKED him for a week. I've liked Tim for a year now and I
don't LOVE him. Hell, if he kissed me it wouldn't mean
anything. Well, I mean, it'd mean he likes me. But, it
wouldn't mean I was ready to commit to him. People
shouldn't get so attached so quickly. Tim taught me that.
So I haven't allowed myself to attach to him. Ayr has
wounded me to a point.
I am a bit happier, I must say. Sam's back. I'm single
now...And loving it, I suppose. But I do wish I had a
shoulder to fall back on....Oh well. I have my friends.
Adios comprendes.