my diary that i write in when im bored,
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2003-01-03 18:26:58 (UTC)


hey... well im really bored.. which is partly why i started
this diary. the other reason, is i wanted one(online)
like.. a year ago. but i never got around to it. so, here i
am now. also... i figure this way, i don't have to email
people and tell them the crap or good stuff thats going on.
because.. i think josiah got upset lol so... maybe he wasnt
used to the bad side of me. i felt bad so now im not
writing him much cuz i don't want him to be mad yea.. today
has been so boring. i slept half the day away(dreaming bad
dreams which i remember oh so well). and then i got
online.. i made a web page man yahoo is so easy sometimes.
i started to make my own design then i remembered im on
daddys comptuer.. and i'll just wait(forever) till i get
back on mine. dang. i want to do something so bad... in a
hour im going out with mom. ok. for anyone who reads this,
im getting it out now so you do not ask me in the future.
my parents are divorced(as of december 23), my mom had
like. 3 or so affairs and so daddy finally told her he
wanted a divorce so there, thats the dirt on my family. or
the main dirt at least. mom is living with "george" the
most recent guy, and they're supposedly getting married
soon. ive never even met him. ok. well yes thats the main
crap and if you didn't know, and i talk to you often im
sorry i didnt say anything, i dont unless someone asks. its
just not something i start a conversations off with .. "Hi,
Im michele my mom had 3 affairs and is living with her
current boyfriend" yea i just don't find that a good
starter.... wow i sound so horrible. Ok to clear this up, i
am not mad. i mean i am mad but not really at mom. im just
in a crappy mood lol cause my dreams disturbed me. im not
even going to begin to explain what they were about i'd be
embaressed lol. espically considering this is public, i
dunno who'll read it. ok! if you ever meet me, you might be
surprised. i am totally different in person, i am not
gloomy. infact normally im a very optimistis person. people
tell me that all the time. yoy just gotta catch me at the
right(or wrong) time to see me pessimistic and jerky. don't
find that time, its not plesent. o wow yea i have to leave
in less than an hour and i've got to take a shower and
finish writing my biology homework and send it off. yes. so
i'll write more later because it's addictive. bye o and
sorry about all of my typos... msn chat name, typo queen
for obvious reason. yea.... oh i dunno if this thing tells
when i wrote.. i wrote this on friday. like at 130. since i
may be writing more then once(yea of course i will) i dont
want to confuse who ever reads it, if i actually give out
the link. i dont know if i will becasue i dont know if i
want people to read it lol. doesn't that defeat the perpous
of it being an online dairy? well i will give it out to a
few people i guess. bye~

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