Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
2003-01-03 15:55:11 (UTC)

Should I describe it to you, or would you like for me to get you a box?

It's been a while writing in this thing again. Well, I was
gone for a week at Christmas, so I'll use that as my excuse.

For having been gone so long, you'd think I'd actually have
something to write about, but no I don't. Didn't do
anything the week I was gone, just spent the time with
parents, and since I've been back, have done anything
except work and play video games. How much does my life

Finally saw the Two Towers. Yeah, that movie kicked ass.
No doubt about it. Also got the Two Towers video game,
man, I've wasted some time with that shit.

By best friend went to Carmel for New Years, and all I
could think of is "did you see a pygmie mudpatch?" Which
basically tells me I've been watching too many movies. Oh
well, nothing better to do.

The final four episodes of Farscape are airing this month
on the Sci-Fi channel. Maybe it's the New Year, maybe it's
the medication, maybe it's the movies I see, but I
definately see change. It's like the Elvish leaving Middle
Earth. The best is gone, it's over. Friends have left,
favorite things to do are no more, everyone's growing older
and growing apart. I guess it's time to move on into
another chapter in life, one I don't relish, because the
climax is gone.

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