Mysterious Attitude
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2003-01-03 15:51:55 (UTC)

My Day Fucked Up

*Date: Jan. 3, 2002
*Time:9:54 a.m.
*Wearing: Jeans that have the legs whited out as well as
the ass and a baby blue and white shirt that looks like
clouds and says Angel. My blue thong, black bra, gray
socks, and my blue sketchers
*Jewelry/Accessories: My cross ring, my nugget ring, my
necklace with the cross charm, my link bracelet, my 3 glow
in the dark bracelets, my necklace Tiff got me, 2 sets of
diamond like stud earrings, and a gold stud on tha top of
my ear
*Hair: Down
*Listenin to: the sound of trucks driving by and the sound
of my typing
*Eating/Drinkin: nothing
*Last Ate: Big Breakfast from Micky D's
*Last Drank: Coke cola
*Song of the day: Chaos & Disorder- Prince
*Weather: Sun shining and cold
*Talking to: Victor Tiff's brother* and Tiff
*Mood: Pissed off/Peaceful/Relieved
*Thinking: I really wanna go to Chicago and talk to Paul
*Later: See Danielle and Tiff
*Money Count: 0
*Watching: My IM from hotmail
*Project: nothing
*Note: Same as my other diary

I woke up at 7:00 am today to get ready to go to Chicago
with Tiffany and Danielle. I went to my mom's work first to
get sum money and Danielle's dad came in there while I was
there. he started to say all these things about Tiffany's
mom *Mary* and how he wouldn't let me go cuz he didn't
trust Mary. Well, I get over to Danielle's house and wake
up Tiff and Danielle. They both brought me sumthing for
Christmas, Tiff got me a necklace that has 2 charms on it,
one that says love with a heart and the other one that says
It's all about ... so together it says "It's All About
Love." Danielle got me sum earrings that are hearts with
muli-colors on them with a gem in the middle. Me love both
of tha gifts!!

But yea well anyway, when I had walked thru tha door at
Danielle's Dave was on the phone Danielle's dad* with my
mom. To make it short, my mom didn't let me go. I'm so
pissed off. I went to her work gave her back her money
*crying all the time I mind u* and came home.

As soon as I got home I grabbed a knife and ran into the
bathroom. I tried to cut my wrist with tha knife but it
didn't work, but I took one of Jr's box cutters and I slit
my wrist. I tried to cut in tha same place as I did before
but I did it higher up ... the damn thing bleed for a good
10 mins. It probably would've went longer but I put a sock
on it to stop it. Hehe I liked tha way tha blood ran tho...
don't ask me why but I did, it was just dripping down my
arm like nothing. Eh ... it made me feel so much better! I
made a promise to myself that I wouldn't cut nno more but
as u can see I couldn't keep it. Oh wells I guess... I'll
live. Well I gotta go bye bye 4 now