Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-09-06 02:29:01 (UTC)

What a NICE day!!

wow.. ok.. so the weather was absolutely perfect today. I
couldn't even ask for a better day!!!:) Seriously.. fall is
my favorite season. Not only is it football season, but
it's that time of year when you getta take out the jeans
and the jackets... and the leaves turn and it's just

I had the day off work (ps- I guess Wed. are my "official"
day off from now on) and I went and got my hair re-
highlighted, then I washed my car. I'm so glad too, cause
it needed a bath.. badly.

Oh, and the horror story of the day.. my dad apparently had
this stuff in a bucket that's supposed to like.. kill fleas
on the dogs, and it's poisonous right? Well.. he..
stupidly... leaves this bucket full of POISON in the garage
without tellin anyway. I go out there.. to wash my car...
and I see this bucket full of what looks like just dirty,
soapy water right? So.. I got the sponge that was in it out
(sticking my hands FULLY in the water) then I just poured
the water (aka.. poison) out in the grass. So.. I go
along.. rinse the bucket out.. and wash my car. Later, I
say "Hey dad, what was in that bucket in the garage?" and
he goes "Poison.. u didn't touch it did u?" and I, thinking
he's just kidding like always, say yeah right and he
goes "No, really, it has warning all over it not to touch
it cause it obsorbs thru the skin. I had to wear rubber
gloves when I used it." Great. Now he tells me. What was he
thinking leaving a bucket of POISON in the garage??? Ugh.
So.. I go on, yellin at how stupid that was. And then he
goes, "well you'll prolly be ok. But, there is one thing.
It says that it causes "irreversible eye damage" so.. I
just hope u didn't touch your eyes" Now, to be truthful, I
honestly do not remember if I did or not. I mean, I didn't
know it was poison.. so obviously I didn't take a lot of
precaution. This could definitely... be bad.

So.. right now I have a headache and my eyes are hurting..
and well.. I'm honestly kinda scared and I'm just praying
that I didn't touch my eyes after all...