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2003-01-03 08:54:30 (UTC)

Blame It On The Rain

Life can be so unpredictable. Can we really still love our
very first love?. Or is it simply infatuation?. Whats the
inkling behind an older woman younger man relationship and
vice versa?. Can that work?. Is it acceptable?. Like I is indeed unpredictable.

I feel so alone.
My worlds a caccoon.
I am 32...wife...mother, and married for 12 years to the
only guy I have ever had sex with. I don't know how it
feels to have sex with anyone else, and as much as I don't
think I want to try and change that at this point and time
in my life, I still can't help but wonder how things
would've been if I had slept around during my younger
days. What does it feel like?.Am I getting paranoid?. Is
this the feeling house-wives get when they stay home
playing the good wife and mum role?. Well, I've worked
ever since I left school when I was 18 years old...and
this is the first time I've ever stayed home to play the
role of a house-wife. Its only been 2 months, yet, maybe
the change has affected my outlook on life, and made me
think of many worldly things. I really need to get a hold
of myself.

This feeling sucks.