Finding my Light
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2001-09-06 02:27:14 (UTC)

Walking A Straight Line

Well you will not beleive how rude some people can be!
Okay first I have to take you back several months. Okay
imagine it's december of the year 2000. Of course it's
freezing and my very best friend, Lindsay, is having a
Sweet Sixteen party. She asked me to go and to bring my
friend, Kyla. With no doubt I go and when I get there,
there's great food and just as good mucis playing. Being
the dancing queen I am, I quickly head for the dance floor
dragging Kyla and Lindsay for they being great dancers
For about a good forty minutes we all danced together
then Lindsay leaves the dance floor because she was getting
a little tired. Kyla and I wanted to stay and so kept on
dancing with each other.
Everyone who was there knew that Kyla and I loved
dancing and almost always were at night and dance clubs all
the time. Right in the middle of our dancing a girl named
Julie comes up to us says, "I don't like the way you guys
dance. You dance like you were gay."
Okay now back to today. Well Julir went to a different
school then, but now she goes to mine. ever since she come
she had been giving Kyla and me dirty looks and being
overly rude! I had put up with her for a week, but today
she went to far.
Today she snapped at one of my cheerleader friends
about their outfits for no good reason! I'm saying if she
is rude to another one of my friends for no good reason
then I'll have to put her in her place. I hate doing it,
but if I'll get her to stop treating my friends like dirt
then I have to do it. My friends don't call me their
mother for nothing!