Ana*~TiNy AnT~*

A Place For My Head
2001-09-06 02:25:17 (UTC)

day... no. ?

ok... here i am.
my best friend, as always depressing me, after i got in icq
full of joy... he was there, as always to bring me down.
but that's his job, isn't it? keep me with my feet straight
on the ground.
sad isnt it? it's just that most of the things in this week
havent turned out right at all... well, at least not as i
expected. not a good experience...
however, today i had the most incredible time with my new
friends! we laughed our guts out, i mean... like if we were
mad people, and because of nothing at all!
it was really funny. in the civic play i went (in
characters) from citizen no. 5, to citizen no. 2... i
wanted to be no.5 coz it doesnt speak at all... now i say:
oh, i have a broom!
sooo embarrassing.
sorry if i didnt write much, i'm really down