Autumn's Daily Notes
2001-09-06 02:23:58 (UTC)

Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Today is the frst day for my Diary account. I think this is a very good idea even though it is what some would call it homework. This is for my college skills class but I plan to keep it even after the class is over! I like to keep a diary or journal but I hate to write. I would much rather type any day. But today was a pretty good day compared to what has all been happening lately. Tomorrow I have to go to Camden and take a test for the Post Office. My dad is the assi. postmaster here in Crossett and I guess he thinks he could help me get a job. I have been looking every since I went back to school but it hasn't been so easy. You have to make like a 96 to even be accepted to an interview, but it is worth a try. The bad thing is if a vetern makes the same grade as I do he gets 10 bonus points because he is a vetern and that means he will get the interview before me. Which I don't know much about veterns or anything so I can't really judge them and say that it is not fair. I am about to go and check all of my email accounts and go to bed. I am pretty tired plus I need to get plenty of rest for that test tomorrow. ~Autumn 9/5/01 9:24pm