* Karlie *

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2003-01-03 07:11:12 (UTC)

Long time no write and another diet

Well I know i havent written in about a year but here i am
trying to lose weight again and i know it sounds like
before but i think i can get down to 105 like used to be,
in about a month. Today i had a lean cuisine which had 240
cals... and a piece of chicken which had 200 and some
chocolate (ouch) which was probably 300. So that was about
740 cals. Tomorrow I'm gonna try to have a lean cuisine
and maybe a bowl of cereal if i really need it but no
chocolate. Grr. I eventually want to weigh 90-95 lbs but
first i have to get down 105. I figure its only about 8
lbs so thats pretty good. Anyway here i go...


Height: 5'0
Weight: 113 lbs
BMI: 22.1%
Short-Term Goal: 105lbs
Long-Term Goal: 90-95 lbs