Big whoaday
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2001-09-06 02:22:41 (UTC)


Dear journal,
Golly it has been forever!!! i jsut havent had time to
write..or rather havent made time!! School jsut started two
days ago...09-04-01 and my senior year is off to a good
start!!! I love it!! Some of my classes are hard ...some
are easy!! All i know is ..as long as i keep god first and
stay focused..i'll finish well!! I went to Bethl temple
tonight because liberty didnt have youth group ..and it was
awesome man!!! I enjoyed it..the speaker who was 16 talked
and it was great..talked about a revolution!!! It was
fantastic and makes me more on fire to pray and take my
campus for Christ!!!!
Well I gotta go, talk to youlater!!! Peace,

Brian Norris