Lil Ems

2001-09-06 02:15:27 (UTC)


youre probably wondering why i started this ::points in
your direction:: i know YOU are hehe. well ts simple. free
psychologist. youre also wondering, i suppose, why i titled
my journal "the life of a beaver"... i know i would be.
think about it; life always has you building and burrowing
and whether u like it or not, in the end youre DAMED (get
it? bad pun... dam-damn... nevermind). anyways its kind of
like for those days when thiings go up or all the logs fall
down. either way, i will have a place to write and feel

today i start off on a kind of BLAH note. i went home sick
from skool today and feel like poop. not flu, just poop.
also im a little worried about sumthin goin on with me and
sumone in my life, someone speshal mind you, and i need a
place to pour out to. i dunno where things r gonna go/stop.
its all so confusing.

i guess theres one easy answer to everything: i just wanna

maybe i will. who knows? =^.^=

well im gonna stop writing now.

hoping to ammend all friendships/relatoinships,

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