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2003-01-03 06:36:17 (UTC)

A Possible Great Start to a New Year

It's been an interesting day.

Here's the background; we're short a manager to help the
cashiers at the front. Me, well, I'm a cashier. And there
really isn't anyone there who's been there longer than I
have (which is sad cause I've only been there a little
over 4 months). I totally see the need for another
manager. Someone with the authority to back up the
cashiers and help out. We need that someone. There was a
man hired to do just that. And he was trained to do just
that. And when the time came for him to do that, he didn't
show up. Gone. No idea what happened. Phone disconnected.

Jump to today. I was talking to one of the managers and
saying that if we needed another manager, why not make Liz
(my fellow customer service person) a manager? She knows
the system, the rules, and is very capable. My manager
said it was a good idea, but I was the one that was being

And I was flattered. And surprised. I can see why she
wasn't the one being considered. And granted, this is all
hush-hush and not official yet. But still, the fact that
people think that you're doing a good job is really cool.
And very cool.

If it happens, it'll be a great start. If not, I'm still
in the mix and was noticed. Great all the way around.