My Life In A Bottle
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2001-02-12 13:10:46 (UTC)

new diary and stuff 'bout me

Well, well. So this is my new " diary". When I decided to
make it public was it because I wanted other to read it. I
always hoped that someone would come to my room, reading my
diary, who was lying in my bed, but no one ever did. They
just closed it and lay it on my desk. Ahw! I couldn`t see
the point of having a diary if nobody ever saw what I was

I`m a 13 year old girl living in Norway, but I have roots
in Usa, and in France and Germany. I have a lot of friends
but often fell kinda lonely, and missing someone I don`t
wrilly know, but I hope some day to find...

My mom died 3 years ago, when I was 10, and I miss her a
lot. I could say everything to her, she was this amazing
person, everyone liked her, she was like when she walked i
too a room it all brighten up. But of course we had our
disagreements. I remember one time I was going too the mall
with somefriends, but she wouldnt let me. Then I ran away
too my best friends houseonly one my socks and it was
freezing outside. I ran away because I would by her a
mother day present but I thought that if I said it she
wouldnt understand...

well, enough for today... I`ll be back later.

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