Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
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2003-01-03 06:24:30 (UTC)

you cut holes in ur socks?

ive been getthing that all day.
im wearing these weird arm-warmers that are stripped black
and blue.
i like em.

other then that, its been an interesting week.
the kind where nothing happens and i constantly
have heart burn.
Yah me!!!!

anyhow, new years was diff. we went to marys again but the
atmosphere seemed less frenzied then last year. it was bad
just different. then we went back to the TEE PEE (heh) and
ate shitty hot dogs, played uno attack (lovely game) and
all went home and off to bed.

lovely night. at least i *finally* got a new years kiss..
well i got a few.
on the cheek.
im moving up in the world.
i think.

and after that, i spent the next day home, recovering from
all the drinking i didnt do (hah right.)
like i said, uneventful week.

onto other topics, (sorta) my new years resolution was to
stop being soo analytical.
i think i killed it only about 3 hrs into the new year so
YAH for me. i beat last years record.

and wot am i being analytical about boi's and grrls?
the whole "tim thing" again.
no not being in love or any crap like that.
its more along the lines of "we saw each other more when we
didnt hang out. wots wrong with me this time i
but then i go back to the whole (new) "no expectations"
rule and dont get soo upset.
but then i go back to thinking about a convo we had and
wonder if i said something to make him back off...
then i dont...
and this lasts for about 10 mins before i lose my train of
thought and move onto something like squeezy cheese.

anyhow, im done being confused.

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