The Sexy Blonde
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2003-01-03 05:04:24 (UTC)

2nd Of January

Jose never came to my house. I spent the night drinking
away. I got so drunk that the phone rang at 6:40a.m. and I
had no idea what time it was I thought it could be Jose,
and I jumped off my bed to reach the phone...lol...fell
face first..on the floor..knocking the phone
down..searching for the phone..eyes shut, part open...
feeling dizzy. It was for my mom, a friend from work..lol.
Before that, Jose called at 12 to tell me happy new year, I
woke up my mom and said happy new year to her too, then I
called my dad.
The next day I woke up around 12:30, tired as hell...Jose
called around 12:45..He came and picked me up we went to
his house and spent some time together, ate some McDonalds.
Then we watched Monsters Inc. and Spirit. Then we went to
After paying for all the stuff in the cart, Jose and I were
running out to the van in the parking lot because the wind
was so cold and strong, his family behind us. We got to the
van. His dad unlocked the vans trunk door, and Jose raised
it up and the wind knocked it down and it hit me on the head,
so hard I fell. It was bleeding...I got blood on a brand
new shirt I just got for Christmas. Well I was crying hard,
it hurt like hell, and I had a major headache.... Then Jose
and I got to the house went to bed. The next morning (today)
Jose and his dad went to work. His brother, me, his mom and the kid
went to Blockbuster to rerent XXX (triple x), and I got Barbershop.
Then we went to the shop twice. When we got to the house I played
some video games, then watched the movie, then went to sleep for a
couple of hours. Jose and his dad came home, his famiyl went to
church I ate dinner, we left and drove me to my house. We got here
around 8:50 or so. Kissed and hugged goodnight. Then I talked with my
mom and now I am here at the computer. Enjoying the
television...watching Will & Grace, can't wait until Frazier comes on
tonight..good episode.
Have a great day!
God Bless You!