CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-09-06 01:41:04 (UTC)


Damn people!! Write me something! Tell me what u
think!! Well so about Cody I saw him today i talked to him
some before first hour and at lunch I wrote him a note and
asked him if he was going to homecoming and who he wanted
to go with and who he liked stuff like that..... He read it
but never wrote me back that figures because its a guy no
guys really ever wrote me! On;y like Phil and Clint and
Matt thats bout it....Jay wrote me before we went out and
Cody did some I dunno guys aren't much of writers I dont
think.... He hasn't been on-line his brother said he would
get on probally but he hasn't or he hasn't been on when I'm
on anyways. I dunno I'm starting 2 not like him... I was
talking 2 Clint last night and this weekend we might get 2
go out somewhere I haven't seen him since the zoo thing.
And I was talkin 2 him bout Homecoming and I asked him if
he was going and he was like I dunno r u and I said I dunno
I'm not if no one asks me.... and he was like Tiffany will
u go with me? But he said he was just tryin to make me feel
better I thinkin bout makin a deal with him .... if in like
2 weeks or a week and 1/2 if neither of us have dates I'll
go 2 his Homecoming with him! That will be fun but then I'll have
2 see ass hole Ross!! Gross!!!!! I hate that kid hes the
only one I know though besides Clint that goes to that
school. So anyways... We'll see what happens... Later!