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2001-09-06 01:37:34 (UTC)

she has a list. of the people..

she has a list.
of the people she has loved.
and its over flowing with memories.
of all the ones that has flown before.
all the ones who never took the time.
to listen.
to hear.
to care.
about her.
for her.
she gave and she gave.
and she pretened to be okay.
so that she could be happy.
others happiness
completed hers.
and now shes confused.
and she doesnt know how to be mad.
shes upset because shes lost in a sea of tears.
cried so many times before.
and it always seems like it was about the same girl.
but it really wasnt.
there was so much she could have done.
and so much she tried to give.
to so many different people.
and the trust she instilled inside them.
was thrown out.
and shes pissed now.
and shes done.
done caring.
done with love.
done with crying for the past
about things that she cant change
even if she could should wouldnt.
happiness seems so long ago.
everyone takes a little piece
and adds a little hate.
shes not herself anymore.
shes not anyone anymore.
why didnt i notice.
why didnt i care.