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2001-09-06 01:29:39 (UTC)

Mmmm....Wings!!! :)

Today has been a crazy day! I had orcestra rehearsal before
school. I hate having to get up that early!!! Then during
choir second period, my juice box from my lunch broke open
or something and spilled all over my backpack. I was
pissed! It made a huge mess! Then later this afternoon I
had an orchestra concert. It was really boring but I got to
miss class for it so it was ok. :) After school I had a
drama meeting. I still haven't decided what to do about
that. A lot of people have been telling me to tryout, and i
probably will, but I'm also considering just doing tech
again. I don't know... Tonight for dinner I went to cw's
and got wings with one of my friends! It was great! I
hadn't had wings in such a long time! Mmmm! :) After I got
back, my mom came home and told me that my grandpa had
another stroke today. I couldn't talk long cause I had to
leave to meet one of my other friends, but when I got back
she gave me all the details. I guess it just happened
earlier this evening. It really affected him. He hasn't
known who I am for a long time, and now he keeps thinking
that his dad (who has been dead for...who knows how many
years) is in the room with him. He can't move around at all
anymore. Up until this he was actually able to walk around
on his own, but now he can't even get out of bed. I guess I
really wasn't surprised to hear any of this, I was just
hoping I wouldn't have to. Well, I'm gonna go for now.

~Daria :)

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