why me....
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2003-01-03 04:30:21 (UTC)

hmmm.. long long long time no talk to...

Hey diary what is up? lol nothing here... it has just been
forever since I have written... I always try to stay on top
of it but that never goes over very well..I tried keepin ya
know a lil journal in my room he he like that lasted.. and
I know I just have soo much to say but I just get entirely
too what has been up with me lately..well I
finished my first semester of school it was ok I really
wish I would have done better then what I did.. but oh well
ya live and learn and next semester I'll nail it ;-)lets
see what is there to talk about? I like a boy.. but what
else is new.. hmm.. I realy don't know what to talk about I
have soo much to day, but Ifeel like I'm just going on and
on I need ideas about what to talk about..I know Ican read
other peeps things and get ideas...