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2001-09-06 01:20:30 (UTC)

it seems not so long ago that..

it seems not so long ago
that it was all so easy.
and i never had to think.
i never questioned myself.
and now...
i just dont know.

it seems not so long ago
that i was looking into your eyes
and i knew exactly where i was.
everytime i was with you.
but now i dont know where we stand.
i dont know where i am.
i dont know where you went.

it seems not so long ago
that i was crying on your bed.
you swore that was what done
had nothing to do with me.
and i knew then how you lied.
and i remember how stupid i felt.
how stupid i felt for caring at all.
and how completly numb i felt to the world
before you.

it seems now.
now that all of this has past
and now that you have moved
away from me
away from this.
you choose not to remember.
and i normally choose to forget.
but im not ignoring this.
and im not regretting.

how much is too much.
for me.
for you.
how much will you take.
how far can i get
before you find me again
and why do you bother coming back
when you know youll leave again
i forgot how much i cared
about you.
about you.

i just want to lay with you
i want to hear your breath get deep.
my head on your shoulder.
laying on your arm.
i want to kiss you while you sleep

when i lay with you.
everything just feels right.
like i can handle everything.
like your beauty seeps into me.
and i know...it will all be alright.

i may not understand what i should.
and i dont know why youre different.
i dont have the answers.
and this time, im not going to pretend like i do.
i just know that im happy.
and i hope that i make you as happy as you make me

youre beauiful to me.
youre amazing.
and i love you.
i love you.

that phrase seems so trite..
and i dont know how to put it any other way.
than to say...
i love you.

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