Lunatic's Asylum
2003-01-03 04:07:41 (UTC)

It's been... ages. ^-^

Well, well... I guess life's been so peachy that I haven't
had a need to document anything since the attack of the

I finished my first semester at college - massage therapy
is, well... a lot of work, surprisingly. You need to
memorize the name, location, and function of just about
every muscle in the body to pass the State Board Exam. Fun
fun! At least it makes sense - it's the physiology I have
issues with. The more I learn about the human body though,
the more I wonder how it got to working that way. I mean,
yeah... I believe in evolution whole-heartedly, but from a
one-celled organism to something so... amazing complex and
intricate, that... for the most part... functions?! It's
mind-boggling. Surprisingly, I don't feel the need to fill
that wonder with any particular belief system. I just...
trust that there's some higher power or entity or maybe...
feeling, that sort of guides life along now and then.
Whether it's out of goodness, for want of entertainment,
loneliness... or whatever, I don't know. I'd rather not
think about it, and just enjoy myself - and basically live
life to the fullest, and attempt to be as true to myself
and everyone else that I can be. And I try to help others
when I can - I don't have to save the world. (Not yet.
Wait until I'm old and crazy. I'll put my cape on then.)

... That was random.

Why is it that I always go off on tangents when I write in
these things? (Not that it matters - no one else reads
these things anyway.)

Well... off to escape reality again through the wonderful
game of role-playing. Or maybe to draw! (I think,
finally, after a month of artistic frustration, my fog has
lifted - at least... I hope it has!)

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