I am Jack
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2003-01-03 04:00:06 (UTC)

I ain't from the coast, I'm just coastin'...

Two thousand three, man time flies, it's been a pretty good,
yet sometimes frustrating year.
Got back into San Francisco late last night, from San
Jose. We met three of Chi's friends there (Rick, Helen, &
Theresa) on New Years Eve then went to Monterey that night.
After walking around the wharf and eating we ended up going
to a small club to bring in the new year. It was a pretty
fun celebration. The club actually reminded me of clubs we
frequented during college; (Liquid 2000, Library) The music
and the crowd, and with Chi there it reminded me of old
times. And we were all able to get pretty wasted since the
hotel was only a few blocks away and we walked. The next day
we drove to Carmel and checked out the shops and beaches.
That night we headed back to San Jose ate at a Chinese
restuant then to a bar. It was one of the better New Years
I've had in awhile.
Now, back to reality, my first order of business is to
get a job, hopefully my prospects start calling back soon.
I finally saw Two Towers, wow, truly epic, a great movie.
The visual effects were incredible from Gollem, to the Helms
Deep battle to the attacking Ents; I was blown away.
I've been distracted lately by playing several cool video
games on Chi's computer: Syberia, Star Trek Bridge Commander
& No One Lives Forever 2. And Chi found this patch/mod
online for Max Payne that turns it Matrixish. Max turns into
Neo with more guns and Kung Fu skills, and most bad guys
turn into agents and SWAT team. And there's extra levels
including the infamous lobby shootout. And of course you can
switch to bullet time whenever at the press of a button,
it's so sweet.