Jena's Rants
2001-09-06 01:07:43 (UTC)

Infant guru's * speak easy's * and the tell tale signs of a happy overdose

talked to good ole teddy today and he gave me the whaddup
on the office joint. not too much except that they can't
keep an employee to save their black fucking souls. i am
so very sleepy, i had awful spooky nightmares all night
long that gave me those weird hairy stand up type deals.
it sucked. i am visiting with Mr. Rampant Philosophies,
Boythatworksinghettostore,and the cripple as well. my
hoppy is here. apparently his teacher did not show for
class tonight. weird, the fucking teacher didn't show.
what the fuck kind of world do we live in when the fucking
educators aren't responsible enough to come teach the
fucking class!? so..............uh...........i got mad
drunk with danceswithchimps yesterday. i drank a whole
hell of a lot. i am eating baby carrots, they are
sooooooooo nummy. i can't stay on a single subject for too
long. you would think i was hitting the nose candy like
these joe blow's here, but i am not. i have been a very
very very good girlie. no narcies for me. very good girl
indeed. i think i am losing me marbles. so very bored.
must do something fun. must get out of this man made shell
and swim the oceans. look for a foreign shore and make out
with the moonbeams while the island crustaceans look on in
happy merriment that they are not meals.