Static and Silence
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2001-09-06 01:05:17 (UTC)

Gripe Fest 2001

Have you ever seen the movie "Falling Down"? If not, the
basic premise is a mild mannered businessman goes ballistic
after all of the pressures and idiocy of everyday life get
to him. Today was a Falling Down day for me.....

Hmmmmmm....let's see what happened today. I
overslept...had to drive somewhere I had never been...the
address I was given (45th and Woodlawn) was not correct. I
drive around that area for 30 minutes then give up and just
head back to my office. It turns out the real address was
25th Street. The person that gave me the address thought
it was 45th.

I get to work....we haven't had rain in months here...and
there was none in the forcast. I leave my windows
partially down...guess what happens. It POURS.
I get outside at car is seats, my
books, everything is wet.

I leave work for the day and stop at the grocery store. I
grab some apples and plums...and the entire stand where the
apples are stacked comes crashing down...apples
everywhere...and everyone is looking at me...but it's
ok...I just smile...and stay to help get things cleaned up.

I head over to the sushi bar to pick up some sushi for
dinner. That was the only good thing thus far. It is
pouring outside...I am on my way home...on the busiest road
in Kansas...Rock Rd. There is construction which closes
the right lane. I signal to get over. Do you think anyone
is gracious enough to let me over??? Nope. I am near the
traffic light...and the traffic is non stop. Even when it
turns red, no one stops to let me in. I sat there for 15
MINUTES!!!! No one would let me in. I finally get out of
my car in the pouring rain. I walk into the oncoming
traffic...which was stopped at the light. I approach the
Lexus SUV that was behind me to my left. I told him I was
sitting there for 15 minutes and no one would let me out.
I asked very nicely if he would let me into the lane. He
just nodded. I get back in my car...and the light turns
green. My turn signal is on...I am ready to merge into the
DRIVING...NEVER LET ME IN....and then he flips me off!!!!!
After about another 2 minutes someone finally lets me in.

Have you ever been in traffic..and people cut you
off...don't use their turn signals...making you slam on the
brakes??? That was the rest of my trip home. By the time
I hit the highway I slammed it into third and hit
90...slammed it into fourth and was flying. Probably not
the smartest thing to do...but it felt good. If I would
have gotten a would have been worth every
single penny.

I am home finally...and I am going to watch a movie. About
two months ago I finished building my home theater. I have
a Sony Home Theater system...with a Digital Projector and a
90" DaLite Screen...Dolby Digital Surround Sound.... and I
joined a DVD club and my 5 DVDs were waiting for me in a
package on my front steps when I got home. Let's are the DVD's I received:

The Matrix
The Thirteenth Warrior
Shakespeare In Love

I don't know what I am going to watch...probably Matrix...

Well, I am feeling lonely. I could invite some friends
over...but I don't feel like doing that right now. I'll
just make a cup of green tea...light some the a movie...take a shower...go to bed.

Tonight's journal entry is not too deep or
philosophical....I shall endeavor to try harder tomorrow.
It was just one of those trying days where at the end of
it...I don't feel much like taxing my brain :-)