StAnKy pOOzLe

Mommy May I Shower With Beavers: A Lifet
2003-01-03 03:41:08 (UTC)

I LIKE CHEESE (January 1, 2003)'s 3:45 AM and I'm still conscious. My dad's alarm
is going to go off pretty soon because he's gotta win the
bread, so I have this nagging sensation that I should
sprint for my bed now so I don't seem like a pathetic loser
to my parental figures. On the other hand...who cares? I
feel like being self-indulgent and bitching to a website
and whatever poor fuckstains come across this about my
life. (Since that was one of my new years resolutions

Yeah..that's a good life..

What is going on in my life...well a lot I guess...but only
one thing sticks out for me the thing that has
been nagging me since almost the dawn of time..well, okay,
the beginning of this school year anyway. (Oh yeah, in case
you didn't know this already, I'm a 17-year old guy who
lives in Nevada and is a junior in a small town high
school)...oops alarm time!