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2003-01-03 03:13:35 (UTC)

day two...too

Its late, but thats alright. I went out with Sam. It was
fun. She's a good kid. I wonder how Rob's doin. Its the
first day I havent seen him. But I heard he had a rough
day. I got my lil red tool box today and I bought some
valentine cards. Im not tellin whats on them some people
will already know...but anyway, I used the rest of the
money on my card. Its cool. I love my new toys. pretty
soon....i will have all kinds of tools for everything. no
problem I cant fix. like what bob says...we can do it...

I wish I could go boarding right now. when i get up in the
morning, Im gonna go. before I go to bed, im gonna dye my
hair green. I figured that I can because I have to wear a
hat at work anyway. well...chao
Jenn jan. 2

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