My Stuff- Keep Out!!
2001-09-06 00:52:42 (UTC)

First Entry

Woah. This is pretty cool. Well today I was damn mad for
many many reasons and I decided that I needed a place
to "vent." I remembered how there were many online diaries
out there, so I decided to sign up for one. The only thing
is, I'm very calm now from spending all that time looking
for a good site for a journal. Oh well, I'll tell you why
I WAS mad.

About a week ago I was lamenting to my parents at the
dinner table about how I should have taken Spanish cuz now
I can't take an AP Language and all my other friends had
taken Spanish.
Well mom and dad took me to heart and started beating down
on me to take another language. They're like, take this
note! Ask this! What's the school's phone number!
Now I guess they had a right, but I was now settled in
quite nicely with my music tech class, which included
alexa, sammy, crystal, this really nice girl from
fairfield, etc. I wasn't ready to move.
Also, there was like no one I liked in French. And Music
Tech was sounding like fun. And... I just didn't want to
cause a fuss.

When I explained that I just didn't want to move anymore
they started saying things like,
"Too late! We want you to take AP French, whether you like
it or not!"

I groaned and moaned, but finally I gave in.

Now they're bothering me again!!!!
First, my dad's like: "Did you thank Mrs. Burke for helping