baby pink
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2003-01-03 03:01:53 (UTC)

y am i so complicated?????

fuck shit i dunno whats just happened..... had a major row
with the one i truely love over fuck all... it started over
a stupid joke and now well it snow balled and we nearly
ended it. I dont know what i`d do if that happened he is
the only person that i can truely trust with ma life and
that understands me... i love him and trust him with all ma

I even showed him this... I had no intensions of showin him
this.... I dont y but just toz i write in this what i feel
I dont mean to affend any one by it, its just how i feel at
the moment so when i write bout him i could rite anything
like how much i love him or what wee sad thing he done
forme that i liked... like wen he carryied my bag out to
the taxi last nite or wen he kissed me wen he woke me up or
wen he sang to me ... things i should have said that i
never toz he think shes is a fuckin crazy monkey... but i
could rite in here. Now i dont care that i told him bout
it he prob wont read it again, but I only wirte down what i
feel at least now he knows just really how much he means to

xxx BaBy PiNk xxx