2001-09-06 00:28:10 (UTC)

Inventory sux

Hey it is wednesday. We had to do inventory today. I hated
it. Why cant i have my old supervisor
back????????????????????????????????????????aaaahhhhhhh! I
got a reply from a personal and she seems really cool. I
think she is from up north around chicago. She's cute. R is
on the road so i get some time to myself. Not that i dont
miss him. I worry about him constantly. And if you are
reading this poopy you need to stop driving and talking on
the cellphone and writing all at the same time! Been
reading other people's diarys -pretty interesting really.
Oh, did i tell you mom and dad are talking to me again? Of
course it will be about two months and they will be pissed
at me again. ssdd...:) ive been trying to read my self help
books but it is a struggle to reember everything. That I am
a good person and deserving of being a winner..ok that
sounded dumb..i gotta get off here before i fry my brain...b