Under the starless L.A. sky
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2001-09-06 00:05:23 (UTC)

Another day

Its been so long and I don't realy want to do this, I
belive I have SOOO much more happening in my life that to
take a few to type in a entry is just too much, typicaly
self centered. Work is getting spooky, with the recession
knocking on all of telcom I'm afraid that it will hgit us
hear too. And to add to the fire the head office sent a E
to all employies to let us know that they will do all they
can not to fire anyone. I just hope for once they arn't
lying. Problems in my skull, the get out of dodge thing is
too heavy somtimes, overpowering. The bookj is coming
along, but I don't give it enough of my time, I ride my
moterbike alot now. A give and take thing, the alotment of

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