Crazy Thoughts
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2001-09-05 23:52:31 (UTC)

Near Death!

Today was alright, the usual grind. Sam was, like always,
trying to introduce me to guys that would be perfect to
take to homecomming (I already know who I wanna go with,
but I'm not interested in anyone beyond friends because
there's Wesley, who I am absolutely crazy about!!) This one
guy though has really been eyeing me. I think he's nice and
all but just not my type!! Why won't they leave me alone?!
j/k, I sort of like the attention, but they have no chance
with me with Wes in the picture.
Speaking of Wes, I plan on calling him sometime soon!
My "drug dealer" (she's not really a drug dealer, just a
nickname) hooked me up with some free long distance mintues
(YES!) But I'm gonna wait a while before I call him, he's
at football. See the scoop is my parents won't let me call
him, but since I got free long distance minutes, I figure I
can phone him and not get in trouble for it. I haven't
talked to him in the longest time!! I'm never able to find
a time to e-mail or chat with him online since I have
diving and school(yes, I have met him, we spent 3 wonderful
days together in D.C.-best time of my life!!)
I am so sore from diving. I didn't do all that well today.
I was doing my usual warm routine on the board and when I
went to go do my 101 I totally hurtled wrong and nearly
fell flat on my face!! Thank goodness I was able to pull
into a tuck dive or else there would have been some damage.
I was so freaked out, I felt like I was gonna die falling
of that board, my heart was in my throat!! (call me crazy,
but I really freaked out) but my coach made me re-do my 101
and thankfully I didn't screw up again!
Well I best be going, I have other things I need to do,

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