Jim Diary
2001-09-05 23:48:34 (UTC)

September 5, 2001...Nothing really that new today...

Well, as usual, today is not the official day for starting
school. Cuz basically I just went to the class, pay some
fees and sitting at the seat for doing nothing..hehe

Actually I only went to the first class, cuz my mom had a
important meeting, so I have to go with her. While she's
on her appointment, I was hanging around at downtown
Vancouver. (Didn't see any hotties..hehe)

As usual, I went to airline's office to pick up some
information. I got Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana
Airlines (Korea)'s timetable/flight schedules, and some
magazines from Singapore Airlines and Air Canada. And I
received a copy of Buzz (UK)'s flight schedule when I
arrived home.

Got to wake up at 6 tomorrow. That's it....see ya :)