2003-01-03 00:34:18 (UTC)

the monkey in my trousers is loose

I found my lil stufd monkey, that i got few months ago,
today and I must say, He's really bad-ass. Also I found my
creed - my own prison CD, and I dont care how much scott
stapp calmd down n such, but back in the day when 'my own
prison' was recorded, it was great music. 'Passionate' to
be exact.
And now today (the 4th) my really really good friends in the
band kaio (southern maine band)are starting their 5 track EP, they
alredy have few 3 track ones out, but ya, they are serious talent and
theyre really good(I worship the gods Aaron Caple and Ryan Decker).
Also, I now have my cell phone working n stuff, uh I'm talking w/
meggie again, n uh, i do beleive that she is beautiful. And also one
of the guitarists, really talented by the way, told me that all the
drum tracks were finished today, so........yeah.