my so-called life
2001-09-05 23:48:16 (UTC)

1st day

today was the first day of HELL. our freedom is gone
4ever .. (well only till next summer) i have really shitty
teachers that no one else wanted and they probably all
called the school so they wouldnt get them... and thats how
i get the shitty teachers and they dont. but there were sum
positive things in the day.. i had a really cute outfit
on .. it was this jean skirt w/a cool ass banana republic
shirt.. w/ steve madden shoes. so that was a .. and in
soccer after school today.. Mr.Ventre (the coach) said that
Me and Torey could be captains for practice.. so ill show
how that would work i really want to be captain of
JV!!! so badly.. and if i dont get it .. i think ill be
depressed or something .. well so thats how my day was. ill
tell you how the second day was tomorrow.