No Matter How Hard I Try...
2003-01-03 00:10:37 (UTC)


Things only get interesting toward the end of the
day...strange how that seems to happen.
I was taking groceries out of the back of my moms van and
my little sister shut the trunk door right on the top of my
head where I split it open in 6th grade. It hurt, but I was
more shocked by the whole idea of having my head shut in
the door. lol. It is kinda funny though. I'm not invisible,
I swear. lol. Anways, it doesn't hurt as bad now.
My sister Trish and I ran around the block. It was head hurt pretty bad cuz I ran after it got
hit, and my ankle is being retard as hell. But, it wasn't
that bad.
Dinner is I gatta run. Later.


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