A Journey of One
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2001-09-05 23:36:51 (UTC)

It begins..

Wednesday, September 5th, 2001..

My first entry. I guess I decided to make a journal, so I
could have somthing to reflect upon in the road up ahead
I stand firm in the belief that knowing a persons thoughts
instead of what they look like brings a better understanding
of human nature and how we live. We are taught all our
lives to judge by sight instead of mind. Sight is nice
somtimes, but thought is true inspiration.

I have a few things that have been lingering in my mind. One
is a boy. He is nothing short of the
most beautiful person on the inside that I have ever met. He
and I, who knows how long we might last. I love him. I have never
felt this way for anyone. Oh yeah.. there is one minor
catch. He lives half way across the world. In Australia, and
I in the United States of America. Meeting online only to
find out how much we were meant to be. I remember thinking
to myself, if there is one person for everyone, then with my
luck they are 10,000 miles away. Boy, who would have known..

Also, I have this incredible feeling, as if I am meant to do
somthing really important. Somthing that can change peoples
lives, yet I just cant figure out what it is. I figure I can
ignore it, and live my boring and typical life, yet it still
nags at me every day, and every time I look into the sky, or
sit down to think. What is it? Maybe I will never know until
it happens.. I dont know.

Ive also been thinking more about my father, who passed away
on October 11th, 1993. I was 11.. I remember feeling alone,
abandoned, and exposed to this world with no protection. He
always told me, "I'll always be here to protect you, I
promise." I never once thought that promise would ever be
broken. Was I wrong to be hurt with him?? He died in an
accident, an ACCIDENT.. it wasent his fault neither then nor
now.. yet I cant help but wonder what really may have
happened that night..

Well.. I guess I will leave for now, goodnight.

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