2003-01-02 23:07:07 (UTC)

Day two

Today was fun. I enjoyed it. With the exception of taking
an hour to scrape off all that damn ice. I didnt feel to
well today, I got the chills, but eventually they went
away. I think I might be coming down with a head cold. But
it could be just a fever. Im not too worried about it. Some
good news today that Allison might not be at Gunstock too
much longer. We have to find people to work. We are really
desperate for help. I really like my job. There are some
minor walking thru the snow pulling a sled
full of food that weighs more than you and getting burnt on
the grill..but I really like my job. I would do it all year
if it was possible. I asked to be a shift manager next
year. But I think that I stil might be a little young.
Im not sure where my mom is. I came home and there were
gone. So i might go to rochester with sammy. we might stop
and see if she is at the hospital. Because mom said that
they might be there. Stan hasnt been feeling to well...They
just found out he is anemic...The wiper on my car I have one wiper
working...good thing it is on my side. well...Im gonna hit
the road..
~jenn~ jan 2

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