My Days...
2001-09-05 23:11:09 (UTC)


You would not believe what I have just read!! Mark has
done the sweetest thing ever!! I went on to his homepage,
just to have a nose, and I saw a page named 'My Angel'. I
went on it and it wrote the nicest thing ever. I can't
remember it exactly but it was something along the lines
of 'once upon a time, about 17 years ago, the most perfect
creature ever was born and her name was Victoria. For the
first 16 and half years, I did not know this being but now
I DO know her. Infact, we have been in a (perfect)
relationship for the past ten months. Here is some of her

Name: Victoria
Age: 17
Date Of Birth: ******
Occupation: ANGEL!!'

How amazing is that?!?! I am just the luckiest person on
the planet. I am so happy. I wish everyone could feel
this happiness. They can't. and thats just unfair. It's
really difficult to describe. They way I told him was that
it feels like every emotion I've had since we've been
together all at once and I can see everything that has
happened in our relationship rushing past my eyes, what has
happened in the past, now, and how I imagine us in the
future. It happens when he does something nice, or when I
think of him, or when I'm talking about him and it makes me
want to cry (happy cry, not sad cry!!) It's so amazing.
The best feeling I've ever felt. And when that isn't
happening, it's like I can feel his soul rushing through my
veins, drawing me towards him and making me love him more
and more. I can't stand to be seperated from him and it
tears me apart to think that it is possible something could
rip him away from me. I don't know what I'd do if I lost him.
I can't bear to think about it. Oh God!! He does all
these amazing things for me, like writing that on his
homepage and sometimes I feel like I don't do enough for
him. and that if I don't do something soon I will lose
him. But I just know that we will be together forever. I
know that we are soulmates. I know that he is THE ONE!

yayayayayyaya!! I'm so happy!


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