My life
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2003-01-02 22:06:10 (UTC)

Mood Changes...

Uhhhhhhh sickness....IT SUCKS! Well last night Brant, Chris
and Wally came over and we chilled outside. Brant was
being so sweet! he like kept sitting on my lap and holding
my hands and shit. And we were behind Scotts van and it was
really cold and i was like "give me ur jacket ill give you
my blanket" and he was like "i got a better idea" and he
put his arms aroudn me and pushed me against the van and
put my arms around his neck. so like the blanket was around
both of us. OMG it was so sweet, I almost died. we were
like that for like 10 or 15 min. And then they had to
leave...Ok well they came back over here today and he was
so rude to me. Its like the sweetness in him only comes out
at night, the asshole comes out during the day. I hate it!
I need to talk to him about it, but its impossible! I wish
that we were together. Like if we...uh, why do I even
bother anymore. Its not gonna happen, and I know it. O well

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