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2003-01-02 21:34:42 (UTC)

The day after new year - 2003

Wow...Another New another New Year. Talk about
exciting >>>> NOT!!. Wonder what the big deal New Year
Celebrations is for. Its not like we're gonna get any
younger..humphhhhh!!..or that I'm going to be a
millionaire or something like that...shucks!!. Its just
freakin' another day just like any other New day, and yep,
I'm getting older everyday and that sucks!!. Man...I can
picture myself old and grey in the years to
come...bbbbrrrrr...and walking with the aid of a walking
stick...and kids walking across the road from me calling
out..."YOOOWWW..OLD BAG!..WASSUUUPP!".Shucks...that sucks
man!. Still...I like this online diary business...speak my
feelings and shiet out so that I don't have to pay to see
a freakin' psychiatrist who gets paid good $$$$ to sit and
listen to shiet coming from sick asses like about

Anyway, I'm 32, Female..duhhhh!, housewife...mother of
three kids, and also currently preparing to head back to
college. Mind you I just recently got laid off from my
$17.00 an hour paying job 2 months ago due to the slack in
economy (thats the excuse they gave...PIGGGSSS!). Got
myself a nice letter saying...."We are sorry to inform
you...blah..blah..blah..". Geee...I hated that job anyway
coz it sucked!!.But funily..just last week..I saw my
position being re-advertised in the dailies. Talk
about..SHITTTTTTT!!!. I had a boss who was a freakin
idiot. Practically knew nothin...yet he was getting an
$80K Salary per year. Whatdya know..that old useless
s.o.b. I'm eligible for re-hire though and I get
unemployment disability right now which is $200.00 short
of my original salary every week..but hey..its good, and
NOPE I don't wanna re-apply to go back to work
because..heck I am heading back to college..YEAH!...and
getting paid still right now, and when I graduate, I am
going to get even more then that measly $17.00 an hour I
was getting...yeah..we'll see bout dat!. is all good!.

Oh well..I'm outta here. Happy New Year Succkeerrss!!

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