baby pink
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2003-01-02 21:31:18 (UTC)

y is it that ma bf is weird?

U not hate it wen ur bf is up to sumthin and u no bout it?
or atleast u think he is, but u cant prove it. Fuck this
im just bein parnoid. I know i am but I do have reasons
hey he tums on line at 8 aint spoke to me at ALL today,
which is weird for us toz we r "joint at the hip" so we r
told. Well any way he tums on and out of no where he
appears with those dreaded words ..."BTW" could those three
wee fuckin letters just go and fuck off. As soon as he
says them I know there sum thin up, and worst of all he
aint gonna tell me whats up with him. He`ll just say them
and ma paranoid anroid mode takes ova me... im like " Shit
whats he gettin at?" then he continues on to say " I feel
dead bad the now" whats that meant to mean? Am I blonde (no
offense to all those blondes out there )but tum on whats
that suppose to mean. It does how ever get worst toz hes
like "I just feel as if I have bn bad to u" I mean those
fuckin alarm bells r ringin in ma mind and sittin there
thinkin "oi u Weirdo I know u aint bn bad to me I wuv u"
But any way he just said it and he expects me to just leave
it at that, knowin quite fine well I cant toz i worry too
much, which is what im doin the now, toz i know he loves me
with all his heart and that will never change, he is the
perfect bf and ma best eva honest i love him, bit much at
sum times i think, ( wee bit of a stalker i am ) could that
b poss ask him lol nah Im just gonna wait til tomoz so I
can talk to him and gaze lovingly into his eyes and tell
him what he means to me and that He means the world to me
and i dont wann aloose him and all this shit will b fixed
xxx BaBy PiNk xxx

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